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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Appleseed Shoot This June!

These events are highly recommended. Ladies and kids under 21 are FREE!
Makes for a great family weekend.

Range: Lake Park Rifle Range
Address: Village of Shiocton, WI
South of the Shiocton Airport
South of HWY 54 on Park Avenue.
Website: http://www.shiocton.org/
When: June 5 and 6
2010Range Fee: $10 per person/event, kids under 21 FREE
Camping available: Apple Creek Family Campground
Close to Appleton & Greenbay

Hope to see you there!

This range will have 500 yards available for this event!
For More Information Contact: Private Message to "Deacon" on the Appleseed Forum, email WI@Appleseedinfo.org
Registration Link: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/567992882

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Kari said...

I'm all signed up and looking forward to it!

Any tips for first-timers? :)

Help U Prep said...

Hi Kari,
I am so glad to hear you are coming! Did you check out the site and the links for first-timers? They have quite a lot of suggestions.
I look forward to meeting you!

Northwoods said...

Hi Hup,
I highly recommend the Appleseed program. They even taught this old dog a few tricks.
I recommend for the first day you use a .22 with adjustable sling sighted in at 28yds and you'll need two magazines! You'll burn through about 250 rounds on Saturday alone.
The coarse is rapid, they cram alot into two days so condition yourselves for that.
Study "HOW TO FIRE THE SHOT" you'll find on Appleseed's web site.
Practice as much as you can before the event to include going from standing to prone positions while maintaining a hasty sling (takes some practice).
These are some great people and if Deacon is your head instructor you'll be in good company, he's a fine young man.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

How exciting for you! It sounds like maybe you've done one before?? Hubby and I are hoping to do one this year, if possible. Although, it sounds like it might be alot, according to Northwoods! Hmmmm, I'll have to do some studying before we go!

Northwoods said...

Gezz I hope I didn't discourage you from taking this course.
Although they have a speedy ciriculum this is not a pass or fail thing.
I just meant to suggest you do some practice before hand so you'll feel more comfortable.
Regardless of your experiance, these are some really good people and will help you every step of the way!
You'll love the experience!
As I said "they even taught me a few tricks" so if you're a novice to shooting you will walk away with a hole new world of confidence..
Just Do It!

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