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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My son was already home when I got there Sunday night which doesn't happen very often. He was sooo excited and I can't remember when the last time was that I had seen him that happy. He had gone out to drive around on the ice (a favorite winter past time) and found some guys who were racing on ice, (remember this is Wisconsin) and they let him run the track in his old beater. He got the best time out of all the cars that had run it with the street tires. (I guess most of the cars were outfitted with special tires that get traction on ice or some such, this is the first I ever heard of this type of racing.) Any way for years all he has talked about is racing, and more specifically “drifting” which is a type of racing. Now, we don't have oodles of moola to burn, so he has hardly even been to the races let alone able to enter one. (He has had numerous and expensive tickets and marks on his driving record....but that is another matter.) After he ran the course, the guys there wanted to know where he had raced and on what tracks etc., and they were surprised to hear that was his first time ever to actually run on a track. So they started giving him advice and suggested invited him to come and do it again next weekend. He just has to come up with the entry fee...

I don't particularly like the thought of him racing, but he has unbelievable hand-eye coordination and took to driving like a duck to water. He is a natural. And it makes him happy. My heart was thrilled to see him so dang happy. So this mom will support him in his dream and hope it comes true. Even in the midst of seeing TEOTWAWKI on the horizon.

And that is my subject for this post. How do you encourage your kids, spouse, yourself even, to continue to dream and aspire to make your dreams come true in our circumstance, in this time and place? How do you plan for the future when you know in your knower, things are gonna change for the worse before too long and the life that we now are living will only be a faint memory?

It seems like I can get so caught up in prepping and trying to do my part to keep the world from going out of control that I don't live in today and I forget to try to see the world from my teenager's eyes. He doesn't understand what might be just over the horizon; he just sees the possibilities. And because I don't know just how soon we will be needing those preps, I will hope that he has more time to dream and pursue those dreams and somehow see them come true, if only a little bit. Memories made can never be stolen, but can be pulled out at will and treasured for a lifetime. And today is the only time that we have to make a memory.
I guess we should try and live in both worlds as best we can; we prep for all the what ifs, as we try to still live as though tomorrow will be better than today.

Preppin' for tomorrow, but livin' in TODAY,


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

HUP, I think that was FANTASTIC!! You really hit the nail on the head. That is exactly how I try to live. I don't have anything else to add, because you said it perfectly!! Amen!

Help U Prep said...

Thanks, my friend. I know it is not an easy task, but it's good to know others are in there with me!

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