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Friday, February 26, 2010

Dear God!

It is sickening and close to unbelievable that our nation, once a republic founded on the belief that the rights of the individual are to be recognized as God given and are to be PROTECTED, has now said that the STATE, the government, can deem any citizen it so chooses, as worthy of assassination. Without charges being brought against them. Without a trial. With no due process whatsoever. I hope that shocks you! It should. There should be people up in arms all across this nation! But the government mandatory youth jails have done their job well and most of the populace does not even know this has happened; some know and say, “Yea, but what can you do?” and the rest of us cuss a bit and look for more ways to prep and make our plans to disappear even sooner.

The goons truly believe that they OWN us. That we are their property to do with as they so choose. Just as we would shoot a wild animal that was attacking our flock of chickens etc. they feel they have the right to take out any citizen of this county at will. They place absolutely no value on human life or the rights of the individual.

If you at still living in lala land, thinking that life will continue to go on as usual, please wake up, oh please WAKE UP!

I have been wondering how they were going to make us 100% slaves instead of the 50-60% we now are, and I wonder if this is the way they will do it. They know that we won't hand over our guns without a fight. So, the goons can now just pick us off, one by one. Can you imagine living in a world where you don't know when or where you will meet with the assassin's bullet? You wouldn't be able to feel secure anywhere or at anytime. In your home, going shopping, tending your garden. Because you would not know when, or for what, the ptb decided you were an “enemy combatant.” Did you download a “how to” video that is not approved by the goons? Did you go to a meeting that could be deemed a threat to the STATE? Did you write an opinion on the net that did not extol the virtues of socialism? Or perhaps you were just mistaken for someone who did one of those or a various number of similar things.
How long before we take to the streets in protest? I think this would be a worthy cause.
And I want to give thanks to Gen-Ill Homesteader at http://www.illinoispreppersnetwork.com/ for the video and getting us the info on this. She does a great job and y'all should check out the blog she runs.



Northwoods said...

Good post hup,
I believe the leak of this info was to further attempt to silence those awakening (obey or die)!
Fear is the tool they most often use to initiate and maintain their agenda.
The sheeple seam to think if they just remain quiet no harm will come to them. That could not be farther from the truth.
"We must hang together or we WILL hang seperately"!
That statement has never been more true than it is today!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

HUP, Thank you for the 'shout-out'. After I watched that video I just sat stunned, crying. My brain could not fathom how it could happen. Moreover, how could the men/women in that room--our representatives--listen to that speech and not be moved? How could all those reps not be outraged that their constituents could be picked off? They really don't care about us!!! It is so evident. It is so disgusting. It's like a wife/husband learning that their spouse is leaving and saying they have never loved them. The shock and realization that you mean nothing to someone who is supposed to care for you. It's awful.

(On a side note: how did you get the video to show up on the post, instead of just a link? I have no idea how to do that.)

Help U Prep said...

Thanks Northwoods. I sure hope something changes before I begin losing friends!

You're welcome Gen! And I find it shocking also that our reps are not up in arms over this! Makes me want to unleash a Mayberry-peppered rant!
On the video, you just copy the "embed" stuff to the right of the video and paste it where you want it to show up.

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