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Friday, February 27, 2009


Hello all. I have been quite preoccupied for a while and not feeling very energetic and I apologize for not posting regularly. If anyone would like to contribute articles for this site, please email me.

I don't like western medicine. But I was consuled by someone I respect that surgery was really my only option so I thought I should get it out of the way while there was still money and insurance to pay for it. Problem was, I went to a “teaching hospital” and even though I specifically requested the surgeon I chose be the one the do the surgery, (three times I made myself clear to her I did not drive 2 hours from home to be cut by anyone but her) I was sliced and diced by the learner…of course I have no proof except for the fact that the op report states “Dr. X was scrubbed and present for the entire procedure.” I suffered extreme pain from “nerve entrapment” followed by numbness which she has now tried to correct with another surgery, along with redoing some of the other stitching that was messed up. And the first surgery is already coming “undone” so to speak. If I had to do it over, I would never go to a hospital connected to a university. I would find a surgeon near by and just make certain they had quite some good experience with the procedure I needed. My freedom to choose who I wanted to do the surgery was taken from me just because they could - and they thought it was no big deal; they knew better than I did. NOT! Kinda like the government sobs thinking they know how to run my life and spend my money better than I do. My choice is taken away and that makes me dang mad. I know there are consequences to my choices, but let it be my choice! Don’t make me suffer for you imposing your will over mine!

On the political scene, in talking to people, I am finding that the sheeple are waking up and smelling the coffee. At least they are up here in the north. The problem is they pretty well feel there is nothing they can do about any of it. And those of us who have been in the know for a bit, well I find that the question now is “Where will I draw the line?” Where and when will we say I am mad and I am not going to take it any more? Will you stop paying your taxes? Will you hand over your guns when they knock on your door? Will you let them haul you away in the name of protection? Will you take that immunization because there is an “outbreak”? Will you obey any more of the state’s stupid laws?
I cannot believe that the lies that our new commander in chief has been telling and the campaign promises he had broken are not being covered by the press. They could have such a time with it and get their viewing numbers up, but they are mostly kept in check. And the preachers are silent because most are more brainwashed than their congregants. About the only place you can get informed is the internet. And some foreign news sources. The good news is the more people begin to hurt the more they are waking up to the truth, the real truth. We are an enslaved people. But we need to remember that there are more enslavees than enslavers. And more and more of the “us” are taking steps to be prepared to take care of ourselves and our families. We are preparing to live in liberty. We will not willingly continue down the primrose path with blinders on. The truth is slapping us in the face: the fedgov is not our friend. The founders were right where government was concerned: Less is more.

The constitution has been trashed and we need to get our rights back. I applaud the states that are telling the federal gov to back off and passing bills reasserting their rights to sovereignty. It’s about time.

On the material side, I am taking a more planned approach to my food storage. I figure that I will plan to have two meals a day and menus that repeat every week or two. I will store some food (meals) in grab and go buckets as well as having a stocked long-term pantry. It’s all about organization. Ugh… Not my strongest suite but I will endure.

I am also trying to make friends with more like-minded people. It takes time and energy of which I am low at the moment. But any step forward is progress and sometimes that is the best that we can do. One step forward. Progress. Two steps forward and one step back…still progress.

Don’t quit, keep looking for ways to prepare; I think you will be glad you did in a few short months.


Anonymous said...

Good post Deb,
As you say, more and more people are awakening to the governments take over of our country. Of our Constitution and "IT MUST BE STOPED"!
I feel the tree of liberty will soon be feed!

Kymber said...

Hey HUP...this post is awesome and i really enjoyed it! keep up the great work!

i recently underwent surgery even though i hate western medicine too...its invasive and always about cutting the body open! not sure what surgery you had but i had rhino- and septoplasty done and i really needed it - had broken my nose about 13 times in my life and i was completely unable to breathe. i am happy to say that everything went as scheduled. but i am not a believer in western medicine at all!

continuing - i, too, believe that more and more people are waking up - just look at how fast this network has grown?!??! it's quite amazing isn't it?

this post is great and informative to experienced preppers - but what i like most is that it gives hope to "newbie" preppers...

so please - keep up the great work that you are doing here - many will come and be glad that you bothered!

thanks friend!

Help U Prep said...

Hey Gary
I think you could be right on about the tree of liberty, I just pray it is on the blood tyrants and not so much the patriots!

Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. They are much appreciated.
I am so glad to hear all went well for you. I think it wise to get all medical things we need to have done now while it is available.
My mom has needed cataract surgery and the doc finally said she can have and I am so glad. The more awake and aware people we have, the easier it will be to resist the ptb, so I am also so encouraged there and to hear that you see it too is wonderful!

Kymber said...

HUP - thanks for kind words back! I feel like I keep repeating myself when I say I am really glad that I joined this network! But I really am glad to be a part of a group of patriots who really care!
so enough about that - I hope your Mom can get her surgery done soon - and I will keep her in my prayers.
Keep up the good work that you are doing here - I will check back often!

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