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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Truth about the Golf Coast Disaster

The controlled MSM would have you believe this is just a temporary set back for our southern coast. There's only 5000 gallons a day spewing out and all will be back to normal in... ah... maybe 3..6..or 12 months at the worst. The reality is about 3 to 5 million gallons a day are spewing out of that thing!
The truth is this..
They attempted to drill deeper than had ever been done before on an "off shore rig". When the drill punched though this unexplored stratus, the pressure was so great coming out of the well casing (20 to 70 thousand pounds per square inch) it blew out all safety values and there is nothing in or technology that can stop that degree of pressure. There is NO stopping it!
The well casing from the ocean floor to the stratus is all but non existent, blown out or eroded. The under sea "plumes" of oil found as much as 20 miles from the drill sight are due to horizontal seepage from the pressure escaping from the faults or total elimination of the casing traveling through higher level stratus veins (fishers) are popping up in every direction! Capping it would do nothing but force the pressure to find the next means of "least resistance" and these "plumes" prove that.
To say this is the worst ecological disaster in the history of mankind is an understatement. Obviously this unstoppable oil will ruin the beach's and destroy the aquatic life but the real health threat are the toxic gasses emitted in the air and they are deadly!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYhugmaAL3A (Worth watching all nine segments).
If you think living in Wisconsin puts you a world apart from this...You might want to think again. Imagine 40 million people evacuating from the south and east coasts as a hurricane distributes all that slop on their domain.
Would Wisconsin be safe....Or just one of the last domino's to fall?
Think about that and maybe do some more prepping eh!

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