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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Know thy Neighbor

As we all witness our country's not so slow slide to Armageddon we need to inventory not only our "Beans Bullets and Band aids" but also our assets, liability's, friends and foes.
Example, how well do you know your neighbors?
Are they awake to what is really happening or are they (head in the sand) listening to MSM and think the fed gov will save them from any hardship? Meaning are they "stupid Sheeple"!
If you don't have a clue of your neighbors awareness level it'd be a good idea to invite them over for coffee or a BBQ and maybe feel em out a bit.
Kinda slid into the conversation your concerns about runaway government, food prices, economic collapse, ext..
You should be able to determine pretty quick if they have half a brain or are totally brain washed!
I recently did just that and was delighted to find that the young couple who'd moved into an old school house (on one acre) near us were born and raised in rural Minnesota, weaned on venison and home grown vegetables and the guy "lives" to hunt and fish...yep that's my kinda neighbor!
Their having only one acre, they were delighted when I offered them a portion of my garden for them to plant...Hey, that's what neighbors are for!
As for the other neighbors I've had for years...we all know if TSHTF we will have each others Six.
If anyone of us were in need of help it'd be there in minutes, be that firewood or firearms...
I'm thinkin' "the new kid in town" might just fit right in.
Get to know your neighbor...sooner rather than latter.
So who's down the street from you or right next door...Friend or foe?

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Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Good advice. Most everyone on our street stays to themselves on their acreage. But, the 2 closest to us we know for sure are somewhat like-minded. One neighbor just told me she liked my 'Don't Tread on Me' flag! Yee-Haa! That's my kind of neighbor!

Northwoods said...

Hi Gen,
Kudos to you for (as I do) display the Gadsden flag.
As more are enlightend it should proclaim "Don't Tread On "WE"!
Glad to hear you have some like minded neighbors as that could be very important in the near future.
Keep on prepin'..

Ryan said...

Getting to know neighbors is a good thing for sure.

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