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Friday, August 7, 2009

Sat 8-8 Yahoo! Its the Ladies turn

Got this from Kymber:
Myself, Phelan, Ernie and Prepared in TN are going to be on the Family Preparedness Guide Radio Show tomorrow...I have put up a post on the CPN about it. Would you mind to re-post it here so that we can get as many listeners as possible?Here is the link:


It will be at 1pm our time here in WI, 2 EST.

I know the gals will do a great job!



American Prepper said...

Here's the schedule...11:00AM Pacific 12:00PM Mountain 1:00PM Central and 2:00PM Eastern

Kymber said...

Thanks so much HUP!!!! i really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait!

Kentucky Preppers Network

Help U Prep said...

Thanks AP, I should have posted all the times..
You are most welcome Kymber
I am looking forward to this too, mj

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