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Thursday, August 13, 2009


I am glad to see so many people waking up and smelling the coffee. Eyes are finally being opened by jobs being lost and benefits being terminated. By the ptb pushing legislation through without a thought about reading it or having to answer those they supposedly represent. By our congress critters think they are the untouchables and can walk all over us, the common people.

The great nation that we once were is going..going...almost gone. Our dollar is hardly worth the paper it is printed on, and we are now a debtor nation. And it does not look like we will be able to dig ourselves out of the mounds of debt any time soon. As people wake up and see this fact, they realize that they alone are going to have to support and be responsible for themselves because the state is not going to be in the business of being the sugar daddy it has been; it is no longer reliable, and really does not care about them. Actually it never did, but that is another post.

So the newly awakened are starting to store up food and think about how to take care of themselves in the case of storms, disasters and loss of jobs. It is sad that this is a new way of thinking because it was not that long ago that every American took pride in living in the land of unlimited opportunities. In America, hard work pays off! Yes, work hard and be diligent and you will reap a reward! You were rewarded for saving your money. But those days are gone. Your savings are being robbed slowly now, but soon the inflation will start with a vengence and you will be left with nothing for your hard work, diligence and foresight. And if you are thinking that you will be fine because you have quite a tidy sum in savings, please think again. If a bank holiday is declared you will not be able to retrieve your money! If your bank fails, you may not have ready access either. And btw, the FDIC is about broke too from bailing out so many failed banks.

My advice is to buy any tangibles now that you have been thinking about. The prices on some things have been falling and may continue for a bit, but it will not be long before the necessities will cost much more than they do now. And I don't count on employer's matching the inflation rate so that their employees can make a go of it in these hard times.

Are you ready? Can your survive a job loss? A hurricane? A flood? Being quarentined due to the flu?

Don't delay. We may not have too long before our paper dollars will be worth more providing fuel for heat than food for the belly.



Anonymous said...

Storable food is the best investment right now (aside from gold). Food prices ARE going to go up especially if cap and trade passes. It will be an investment you CAN make money on.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Help U Prep said...

You are so right, matthiasj. Dried and canned food are going to go up in price and you will be well served to stock up now.

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