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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Just wondering if any of you folks out there in cyberspace have been experiencing the joy of having multiple "roundabouts" built into your roadways. A roundabout is a new way to direct traffic through an intersection. No stop sign(s) or "stop and go light" as they say in Wisconsin, is needed. Instead, everyone enters into one big circle and goes "round" until they reach the direction they wish to go. Of course you must yield to those already going round in the circle.

I encountered two of the dang things so close together it was a figure 8, and two lanes wide. If you were in the left lane you could not exit the blasted thing and there was not enough room to get over with all the other cars. Being in an area I was totally unfamiliar with, I was not able to navigate them safely and get to the store I could see in the near distance. I kid you not, it was nuts! Who is the person I can thank for these monstrosities? I am sure someone was paid to come up with them...and except for allowing a flow of traffic without using electricity, I really see no good use for them.

In fact I heard that a huge number of people in Green Bay showed up to oppose several of these roundabouts being created, but the council rejected them, then was made to reconsider. I don't remember how it turned out.

So, any one out there have any info and ideas about this? Is there some good reason for them?

As to how it relates to preparedness, well, if you have a bug out route all planned, be sure you know about any of these goofy things that might be coming your way soon and plan accordingly.



Anonymous said...

It's a future checkpoint, not a benign traffic-control-without-electricity scheme.

Kymber said...

HUP - i have only ever seen these things on TV - thank goodness! they look like they are very confusing and not easy to navigate! and yes - stay away from those things if you are bugging out!

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I've never seen one of these but it doesn't sound good.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Ok, I have to beg to differ here. Having traveled in Europe, I've seen first-hand how efficient they are. The biggest plus that I see about them personally, is NO MORE STOPPING AT STOP LIGHTS!!! You know when you stop at a light and there's no cross traffic coming.....you watch the clock.....1 minute, no cars.....2 minutes, no cars.....and you're still sitting there wasting time!!! (time wasting is my biggest pet peeve) Roundabouts are much, much more efficient once you learn to navigate them! I wish we had them in our area. Plus, you can't get a 'big brother' ticket from the camera mounted at the intersection just for that reason. (We have those here! Grrrrrr.) And, I don't see them as a future checkpoint, like anonymous said. I think that's what they'd use traffic lights for because you're actually stopped! Roundabouts keep traffic flowing instead of stopping it. Give 'em a chance! Sorry...didn't mean to step on toes, I just know how great these things actually are!!!!

Help U Prep said...

Gen-IL, I wonder if the ones you used were as small as the ones here. I think they would work much better is they were larger.

At least it sounds like they are not going in all over. Maybe we are a test area?

American Prepper said...

They Suck and are VERY Dangerous! Try driving in one when a trucker tries his best to pull out in one. Or worse yet, try being the trucker pulling a 53 foot trailer behind you...I've seen enough of these things for me to hate them with a passion.

Help U Prep said...

Yeah, AP, I have heard the trucks are not too happy about them and I heard that a little old lady drove right over the top of one in the dark....not too good on the car!

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